Turn Your Brass Into Cash

Brass To Cash: 
We will purchase your used Brass Cases as long as the cases are not very badly tarnished, from being out on the ground for months or years, We will accept any Center Fire pistol or rifle cases, but not .22 caliber or other Rim Fire cases. We will be happy to Credit your Brass value toward your ammunition purchase if you wish. Case prices are calculated at $1.50 per One Pound of Pistol Cases, and $3.50 per Pound of Rifle Cases. Contact us if you have some Brass Cases sitting around that you would like to convert to Cash or a Credit.  Cases and approximate quantities per pound below: 
40 SW=100 
357 Magnum=88 
357 SIG=100 
38 Special=99 
38 Super=100 
380 Auto=143 
44 Magnum=58 
45 ACP=78 
45 COLT=63 
45 GAP=85 
300 Blackout=81 
30-06 Springfield=34 
30-30 Win=51 
6.5 Creedmoor=46 
218 Bee=101 
220 Swift=43 
243 Win=41 
250 Savage=47 
270 Win=35 
300 Ultra Magnum=25 
300 Weatherby Magnum=31 
300 Win Magnum=29 
303 British=37 
308 FC=39 
338 Lapua=22 
338 Win Magnum=29 
35 Remington=45 
454 Casull=53 
460 SW=48 
5.7×28 FN=116 
50 AE=43 
500 SW=39 
6.8 SPC=57 
7.62 TT=93 
7.62×54 R=45 
7mm Magnum=30 

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